What does Service King currently offer to customers?

Currently, our model is centred around offering superb commercial cleaning services and other essential services all across Auckland. We commit to making this process easy and streamlined for our customers. And to do this, we are expanding into new and exciting territory.

How will this expansion look?

Offering the highest quality of service means meeting the needs of the customer. This is why we consider ourselves a one-stop shop offering a range of not only varied cleaning services but other trades that people are looking for – for both the home and office.

Visiting our website, you can find services from carpet cleaning to window washing to hedge trimming. Whatever your need, we are the middle-man between you and the guy for the job.

How can I be assured these tradespeople are the right fit for the job?

We’ve been in the industry for decades and we have trusted connections. Because of that you can be confident that our local trade and service professionals have undergone diligent training to learn and pass quality assurance tests. To be given the Service King seal of approval means honesty, reliability and trustworthiness.

Our marketplace of service providers

To find quality service providers is not an easy task. With a supportive customer service team, we’ll make the process easier. On demand – we’ll get you in touch with a reliable tradesperson as soon as you need that job done!

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