Floor Polishing Company

We use an eco-friendly and non toxic polish coating which means your floors wont be filled with chemicals that could eventually degrade over time. The polish is a protective seal on the wooden floors which keeps them looking clean without damaging the natural look of the wood. This also means the wood will last even longer as the exterior of the wood wont be used. If your office has a lot of foot traffic, this is a great addition to your floor

Floor Polishing Company

What we are as a team is much more diversified and vibrant as compared to others in our profession. The level of perfection and accuracy that is instilled from base to top – from recruiting trained professionals for our work to completing the work under your budget and as per your needs is clearly reflected in the work that we deliver.

It does not matter how much tougher or difficult your flooring is, be it timber – new or old, big or small, let us show you how we can convert them into beautiful polished floors that will absolutely change the look and feel of your home.

Residential vinyl floor polishing
Residential vinyl floor polishing
Residential vinyl floor polishing
Commercial Floor Polishing Shine Wooden Vinyl Hardwood
ommercial Floor Polishing Shine Wooden Vinyl Hardwood
ommercial Floor Polishing Shine Wooden Vinyl Hardwood

Marble Floor Polishing

Marble floors are very expensive to replace. They are very soft and can scratch easily. We have an experienced team to treat marble floor.

If your marble floors are inside or outside of your home and need a bit of a spruce up, get in contact with us. We are specialists in cleaning and restoring marble floors to make them look as good as new again. We use a multi-process system in cleaning these floors. We firstly remove any stains and dirt which may be embedded inside the surface of the floor. We’ll then apply a treatment which gives the marble floor that nice sheen look. It also acts as a protection of the marble floor itself.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Service King excels in vinyl floor polishing, cleaning, stripping and scrubbing. Our vinyl floor treatment officers perform their work with the latest technology equipment to scrub all the dirt and grease away from your floors. You will be astonished to visualise the end result after we polish your vinyl floor.

We offer the following services at Service King regarding vinyl flooring:

1. Vinyl Floor Stripping

If you desire a glass like finish on your vinyl floor, stripping has a major amount of role to play in it. Service King uses the industry leading top quality machines to remove the worn-out layer of polish for its reapplication. Our team has the perfect idea about the accurate balance and pressure required to sweep off the floors, which will restore the look and shine of the floor just like that of a new flooring.

2. Vinyl Floor Sealing

Floors are something which ensure the highest amount of foot traffic. We seal the floor after stripping and polishing for sheltering the base surface of the floor. This resists and stops dirt and dust from residing into the pores of vinyl. One sealer coat is applied after vinyl floor polishing and stripping. The vinyl floor sealant will allow the cleansed stick to settle better and give it a polished overall surface.

3. Vinyl Floor Polishing

Polishing is a very challenging and demanding process. The shiny and glassy look of your floors can be achieved through this process. We layer with three coats of polish to the vinyl floor and use premium quality anti-slip emulsion polish, offering an excellent, durable, and top gloss securing film to the floor. You will be startled to see the final finishing touch.

Wooden Floor Cleaning Services

Want to make your wooden floors clean, scuff and grease-free? We can help.

We can provide a clean and polish of your wooden floors which will result in high quality and an outstanding finish. Every house is different and so are the wooden floors, we know the best and safest ways to maximize the look of your floors. Floors are one of the biggest and most used parts of your home, so it makes sense to give it the attention it deserves. You’ll notice a drastic difference in the look and even the feel of your floor.

Our wooden floor polishing system means expensive floor sanding can be avoided. Our system is dust & odour-free and is completed within a couple of days.

Although, shiny wooden floor polishing may not suit every property due to the age and interior design of the house.

The floor polish we use is eco-friendly and isn’t filled with harmful chemicals. We don’t want your floors to degrade or be damaged in the process so we only use solutions that we trust.

Another benefit of wooden floor polishing is that the polish acts as a protective seal for the floor which means it prevents wear & tear, will last even longer, and there is a low effort in maintaining it.

Building Washing

Building washing protects the integrity of surfaces and coatings and ensures that they stay watertight longer. Regular building washing (annually for best results) meets warranty requirements too

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Professionally clean walls & ceiling looks clean, is cheaper & less time consuming as compared to painting thus less disruption to business activities.

Carpet Cleaning

A supreme advantage of getting your carpets washed and cleaned is the increase in the health and hygiene of your business.If anyone in your office has asthma or allergies, then frequent carpet cleaning becomes essential.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer different services like One-Off, Periodic and Regular Cleaning along with Movein - Moveout Cleaning.We are just a phone call away to book and schedule your next clean.

End of Lease Cleaning

Moving out of commercial leased property in Auckland can be a little hectic. It not just involves packing your belongings but also cleaning the whole property.

Exterior Tiles Cleaning

Exterior tiles are usually very porous and tend to attract dirt, dust and slippery residue more easily. Common outdoor tile compounds have different methods of cleaning applications.

Flat Pack Assembly Service

Has it ever crossed your mind while buying a piece of furniture online that how would you assemble it after its delivery? Well, we have something to cater to your needs – a flatpack assembly service.

Floor Polishing

We are experts in Vinyl floor scrubbing, sealing, cleaning, and polishing. Choose our professional team to schedule your next vinyl floor care service to suit your required needs.


For small to minor repairs at your business premises, we can help. From Installing smoke detectors to replace broken soap.We cover all types of minor repairs and we will assess the work alongside you.