Business expansion. What does it really take?

Is Service King a classic example of kiwi ingenuity, hard work and dedication? Speaking to founders Vick and Carol, I recently learned that maybe it is.

Originally spawning from a small garage in Te Atatu Peninsula, the start-up Prestige Cleaning Services was born in the late 90’s. A foundation in commercial & carpet cleaning, floor maintenance and other cleaning related services. Service King expanded into the Facilities Management Marketplace it is today but not without twists and turns along the way.

Asking Vick how this evolution came to be, I realised the journey was not linear. There were many different business models and personas. Prestige Clean turned into the specialised carpet cleaning company 0800 Tulips, then FloorCare branched out from here. In 2006, Service King came into fruition and has been growing ever since.

An ethical business code

Vick realised that success is only fulfilling if you are doing right by people along the way. Committing to values of putting others first, helping people succeed and creating strong connections within the industry were key in this journey. Morals are an extremely important component of his driving force.

I found it interesting to hear that the drive for success doesn’t only extend to services on offer, but even within the office environment. From sending his employees to workshops and encouraging them to gain registered qualifications to starting Toastmasters club. There are a plethora of ways to up-skill  employees in communication and leadership and Service King sees the importance of that.

From start-up to marketplace

Realising a niche in the New Zealand market, Service King is now onto the next chapter. With its sights set on expansion, Service King will not only provide commercial cleaning related services but integrate every trade and connect consumers to the best tradespeople in the business.

This really is a win-win; tradespeople save time and money in client acquisition and clients feel supported within a straight-forward process when they want a job done without the fuss. From small beginnings, the purpose has never faltered. A strong thread beginning in 1998 has winded its way to 2020 – and we don’t see it weakening anytime soon.

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