Cleaning as you go saves time & money! 


Having the professionals come in to keep your workplace neat and tidy is the best way to maintain office cleanliness and the health of everyone in it. In saying this, commercial cleaners can’t be around every second of every day.

Working together to keep a goal of tidiness in mind can not only keep things looking great but can also save you money in the long run. Your cleaning professionals won’t have to spend so long working on the little things.

Here’s a list of quick and easy habits you and your staff can get into to help keep your workspace as clean as can be;

Keep organised

A cluttered desk is a nightmare for productivity. It takes a lot longer to clean rather than simply keeping it organised. Encourage your staff to maintain a tidy workspace from day to day. This’ll boost their productivity and minimise professional cleaning time, saving you money.

Keep the eating in the break room

The business world keeps getting busier. Often times, people aren’t able to pull themselves away from their desk to eat. But to ensure the cleanest possible workspace they must. Crumbs, dripping sauce or spilt drinks can bring a myriad of dirty problems to a workspace that means and unhealthier work environment and more money spent on cleaners.

Maintain cleanliness of devices

In a modern-day work environment, technology is used all day everyday. Despite such frequent use it is also something that is overlooked when people think about cleanliness. Dust and dirt can easily build up in our devices and cause people to get sick. Microfibre clothes and compressed air cans are a cheap and easy way to make sure your staff are keeping their laptops and tablets clean and tidy, reducing the risk of passing on avoidable colds, flus and sicknesses.