Plan, Plan, Plan (and budget)!


 Moving is consistently ranked as a top ten stressful event in one’s life.

 It’s not just the physical aspect of peeling up your roots and replanting them somewhere else but all the other tiny details involved. Firstly, the unpacking. Starting fresh in a new city and familiarising yourself with the shops, schools and services. Other financial stressors. Children to take care of and settle in.

It is a laborious, time consuming task that takes you out of your comfort zone. Having moved several times in my life, I always visualize the end of the day, sitting on the floor amongst unpacked boxes with a strong drink.

In today’s environment, thankfully, it’s much easier to relocate. The key is an organized company that can help you with that, so you have much more time to take care of your family and yourself. Prepare a list of things to do, budget for it, and calculate the time it’s going to take. Then start looking for help. Reacting at the last moment narrows your choice of moving company which may not be the highest quality.

Professional Premises

Moving offices can also be a hassle. One way to navigate this is to ask staff to take care of their own belongings and delegate extra responsibility to them. Sharing the burden can reduce the pressure on your own shoulders. Businesses can accumulate around 20kgs of waste per year. Get rid of everything you don’t want to take along with you so that when you reach your new premises, everything has it’s place.

Whether you’re moving in or out, home or office, make sure your property is clean and tidy beforehand. There’s nothing worse than moving in and realizing work needs to be done before you can unpack. Adversely, leaving a mess for new owners or tenants doesn’t feel pleasant. Service King can take this burden off your shoulders with our move in/ move out cleaning packages.

Let’s not forget, have a list of improvements ready to comply with the ‘make good’ clause of your lease. This must be done before your lease has expired and should be completed at the time of inspection with the property manager. And, at the end of it all, don’t forget to shout pizza and drinks!

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