Steps for streak-free windows

Cleaning windows is straightforward. If you want your windows to look sparking clean from both the inside and out, follow this quick and easy guide. Your windows will be gleaming in a matter of minutes.

1) Wipe and brush the windows down

Firstly, wipe the windows down with a dry cloth or towel. This step primes the windows to remove any cobwebs or accumulated dirt or dust. Starting from the top, work your way down the window. In this case any dirt will drop to the bottom and save you the hassle of cleaning it twice.

2) Wash the windows down

Now it’s time to clean the windows. Fill a bucket with water and detergent. About 6L of water mixed with a teaspoon of detergent works well. Vinegar and water is another recipe that can give great results. Use either a scrubber, sponge or window washing brush to clean from top to bottom again. Make sure you get into all corners of the window and scrub off any debris that might’ve stuck fast.

3) Dry the windows with a squeegee

Now for the fun part! The last step is to wipe the windows down with a squeegee. These can be brought at any hardware or department store. This part can be a little bit tricky if you haven’t used one before.

Let’s break down the squeegee component as this is what gives the result you’re after

  • Clean a starting strip. Use the corner of the squeegee to create a narrow strip from the top to the bottom on the glass. This strip makes it easier to start the horizontal strokes as there is space from the side.
  • Starting at the clean narrow strip you’ve just made, press the squeegee and slide it against the glass until you reach the upper corner and side.
  • Once you have reached the side, wipe blade on a clean on a towel tucked into your front pocket to remove dirt and excess water.
  • Start wiping again by overlapping the squeegee with the previous stroke, about 2 inches above it. Pull the squeegee at an angle to direct the water down.
  • After you have finished with the squeegee, use a rag to wipe along the bottom edge of the window. Then use a different rag to wipe around the perimeter of the window.

This article contains more detailed instructions and images.

Enjoy your sparkly clean windows!

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