Vinyl Floor Polishing

If your vinyl floors have been looking a little worse for wear for a while, you probably need a professional to come in to make them look brand new again. Our professionals use the latest machines and practices to ensure your vinyl floors will be in the best of care. Vinyl flooring is everywhere now and there’s good reason for it; they are cost effective, hard wearing and serviceable. We can maintain your vinyl floors to a very high standard to ensure they will last even longer.

What can we do?

Floor Stripping
This is the process of removing the dirt and old applied layers to your vinyl floors. This is necessary to do before a brand-new polish is added.

Floor Polishing
Once they are stripped, we’ll then re-polish the floors to make them look brand new again. The polish is a protective seal on vinyl floors to keep them looking clean and new while also keeping up their longevity. Vinyl floors, especially in commercial settings have a lot of foot traffic and this results in wear and tear faster. Because of this, we use a few coats of polish. This keeps their glossy and shiny appearance even longer.

After this is done, the floors are very easy to maintain. We can give you the best tips and advice to ensure your floors will look immaculate every day.

We have a maintenance service available for the longevity of the polished floors to minimize the costs of redoing them more frequently.

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Residential vinyl floor polishing
Residential vinyl floor polishing
Residential vinyl floor polishing