Working from home more often?

Lately, we’ve been spending more time at home and that means your carpet is likely showing signs of wear and tear. Working from home instead of the office, pets bringing in mud, and children running around all contribute to a worn, dull, crusty carpet. Maybe you’re hyper-aware of germs and nasties that fall deep into the carpet and cannot be extracted by vacuuming alone.

Hot Water Extraction Method vs. Encapsulation

Our six step Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method is the only method that is recognised as a carpet ‘deep clean’. It has proven itself time and time again as the most effective way to get your carpets restored.

Full disclosure: there is another carpet cleaning process called encapsulation. This differs from HWE as it is a ‘dry cleaning’ method. It does not penetrate carpet deeply but picks dirt up from the surface of the carpet. Used as a maintenance approach rather than deep clean, is more suitable for commercial premises.

What can you expect with a Hot Water Extraction deep clean?

  1. We pre-vacuum to get rid of any lose debris and surface dirt
  • Nearly 80% of dirt in your carpet are dry, loose particles. These particles can only be removed using a power vacuum head, otherwise they will not budge.
  1. Then, we pre-spray – this allows our carpet soap to be dispersed evenly and thoroughly across the carpet.
  • We also take into consideration carpet makeup. This is imperative to note as different fibres have specific requirements.
  1. We give the pre-spray product some time to work its magic
  2. Stain treatment is applied if needed
  3. Steam extraction
  • Though ‘steam clean’ is commonly used phrase, no steam is actually involved, except when steam may escape incidentally from the hot water.
  1. Deodorisation

Knowledgeable technicians

When it comes to stains, different substances require different treatment. Oil based liquids such as dressings will be tougher to get out than those that are water-soluble. Dark substances like red wine, chocolate and mud can leave obvious stains on light carpet. Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to lift  stains out to the best of their ability.

Carpet types and drying methods

The great thing about HWE is that copious amounts of water are not used. The powerful vacuum extracts the majority of the water out of the carpet. This means your carpets will be dry in no time! Some carpet materials may take longer to dry – for example, wool is naturally more absorbent than nylon or synthetic. However, you can walk on the carpet in bare feet within a couple of hours and keep windows open to allow any left-over moisture to evaporate. Weather permitting, your clean, soft and spongy carpet can be dry in a matter of hours.



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