Kitset Assembly

Commercial Kitset Assembly

Assembling flat pack furniture, is easy – right? To be frank we are not good at everything.

Even with written instructions the assembly is hard, especially when we finally finish and realise we have extra screws or bolts!

  1. We often don’t have the correct tools
  2. The instructions are not right or easy to understand
  3. We don’t have the resources to assemble

Leave it to us! Sit back & enjoy.

More and more items are being shipped from overseas in flat packs to save the costs of transportation. The kitset needs to be assembled correctly for a better life for your office furniture. Simply contact us to book the assembly of your kitset furniture.

Please upload manufacturer’s instructions of your new furniture or items at the time of the booking if possible…

We come across a variety of kitset products online which attracts us to buy them eventually. What happens after that is a completely sad story. You thought that piece of furniture will help you save your time but it eventually churns more than it offers. Nut by nut and piece by piece, all withered at your place after delivery.

To help you out from such misery, our workers will build the item exactly as you want it from scratch. The epitome of our business model relies on saving our customers’ time and we excel at delivering what you need. You can order your kitset and forget about the assembling hassle leaving everything on us. We surely do not disappoint our valuable clients.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture is an essential part of our homes as well as offices. They’re our companions to relax at home or help us be creative and productive at our office. However, these furniture luxuries do not come in handy. They’re quite hefty in weight and sometimes often complicated to assemble. People often end up frustrated and annoyed as to why they ordered such an item in the first place.

This is where we enter in your lives. Now, your sofa set won’t bite you much with the thought of how you’ll manage to get it worth sitting. Your bed won’t be itchier considering you haven’t broken your spine fitting it’s legs. You can be absolutely free of all such hassle once you make a call to us. Our employees are quick in responding to your calls and even quicker in assembling your furniture.

You can throw anything at us, metaphorically. Be it a bed or a sofa, a dining table or a recliner, you name it and we assemble it.

Residential Kitset Flatpack assembly tools home given up
Commercial Kitset Flatpack assembly tools
Commercial Kitset Flatpack assembly tools