You walk on your carpet or rug every day.


But unless you’re a textile anthropologist, do you care about or understand the importance and rich history of the rug you’re standing upon?


Human Necessity & Creativity Collide


Carpets and rugs have been around for thousands of years. The oldest carpet known to man is the Pazyryk carpet.  This creation was 2 metres square, with a design of Persian origin. However, it was constructed with Turkish knots,  suggesting the oldest rug is Anatolian. The knots  have a higher density than most carpets made today and has really lasted the test of time.

Pazyryk carpet

The Pazyryk Carpet

When the British Colonies were coming into fruition, carpets were large and made of woven wool. These early age carpets were oversized by this standard of this era. But, as industries grew, high quality tufted carpets were being manufactured. These are what we consider ‘carpets’ today. Until the 20th Century, carpets were merely a handmade bedspread covering the floor. Then came the quilt made with wool and cotton yarn.


Technology as a Game Changer


The power loom came into the picture in the early 20th century. Built as a labour saving invention, this weaving technology modified the way that tufting had been done so far. With the advent of the power loom came decreased demand for skilled hand-weavers. This resulted in reduced wages and unemployment. Like many things that became industrialised, great change occurred when those that had perfected a skill were outplayed by a machine. Nautral fibres such as wool, cotton and yarn were replaced by synthetic fibres like polyester, rayon and acrylics.


Scandinavian art carpets and mid-century carpets are the most sought after and purchased interior item. The stylish design for this carpet is inspired by the modern artists that use light colours and low impact designs to make a room feel spacious or use of dark colours on carpet to give a cozy impact to the room.

Vintage Marta Maas Scandinavian Swedish Kilm Rug

Marta Maas Scandinavian Swedish Kilm Rug

If you are looking to give a compact and vintage look to your room, antique rugs (William Morris design) of 19th and 20th century with British style of rugs weaving should be your choice.

William Morris Rug Design

William Morris Rug

If you are an environmentally friendly person and go green is your mantra, the eco-friendly rugs and carpets from Morocco should be your top priority. Berber carpets and Beni Ourain rugs are handmade combining materials from old clothing and recycled fabrics. These rugs and carpets come with minimalistic appeal yet distinctly modern design and therefore have become the most popular rug designs of today.

Colorful Tribal Berber Moroccan Rug

Colourful Tribal Berber Moroccan Rug